Do I have to be in a team to participate?
Nope, you can be an army of one or 1,000. Your choice! The only requirement is that you are all FEMALE. There will be lots of folks teaming up, but there will be a ton of folks going solo, too. It’s your day, you do it your way!

How do I register a team?
To register as a team, decide what wave/start time you and your team would like to go off in and come up with a team name. Waves of approximately 125 Goddesses go off every 10 minutes beginning at 8:30 am. Once you've found a wave that works for all of your teammates, and have a team name, each person on the team needs to register individually. The first person to register will "Create a Team" during the process and enter the team name. Then the other team members will "Join a Team" during their registration process and find the team name already listed. Waves will fill up quickly, so the sooner each team member can register, the better off you are at getting a spot in that wave. Once a wave is closed, it’s closed. So, if some of your teammates are slow on the trigger, they may not be able to accompany you in your wave. We can’t add more people to a closed wave for safety reasons and to avoid overcrowding the Gritty Course.

How big/small do teams have to be?
There are no restrictions on team sizes. You can have as many as you want, or as few as you want! We encourage you to come up with a groovy team name, dress up, and have fun!

What is the minimum and maximum ages allowed to participate?
The minimum age to participate on your own is 14 years old, but girls aged 10-13 may participate WITH A FEMALE PARENT/GUARDIAN. All women under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver for them.

My family and friends want to come check out the event, and cheer me on. Is there any admission fee?
There is NO fee for spectators to come watch. Moody Gardens is a spectacular place for watching. The Grounds of Moody Gardens are free of charge. Additionally, there are also many great activities and attractions available for them, for a fee. Food is also available for a fee, in various restaurants and snack bars on Moody Gardens Property. You may purchase deeply discounted Moody Gardens Passes to get you (and them) into the attractions. You may purchase those online at a discounted rate. Refer to the INFO page for the link to purchase. For more information on Moody Gardens, visit

What happens if there is inclement weather on event day? Will Gritty Goddess be cancelled?
Unless things are considered dangerous, the Gritty Goddess will go on, rain or shine. We do reserve the right to cancel, delay, or postpone the event due to weather and circumstances beyond our control.

What are the obstacles and terrain like?
There will be a little bit of everything. Some of the course is in mud, grass, pavement, and on a beach. You will get muddy, you will get wet. You’ll get foamy, muddy, and sandy, and you’ll experience other special effects like fire,and more. You’ll also crawl through tubes and under things. You’ll need to balance and walk through the Lazy River in Palm Beach. You’ll need to climb cargo nets, over walls and more. Please note that you are allowed to skip any obstacle that you don’t feel comfortable attempting.

Do I need to know how to swim?
You will be going into the water, but the water will not be over your head. Most of the water will not be higher than waist-deep. Still, we recommend being able to swim. If you are uncomfortable attempting any of the water obstacles, you may opt to skip them.

What do I get for my registration fee?
A Gritty Goddess custom designed shirt, finisher’s dogtag, complimentary ice cream sundae, complimentary cold beer and the great gritty course.

What should I wear?
You’re gonna get muddy, wet, foamy, colorful and more. We don’t recommend wearing your Marchesa Dress or your Jimmy Choo shoes…or your $200 fitness outfit with $150 running shoes. Other than that, it’s up to you. Wear something comfortable, but remember that your clothing and shoes could get pretty banged up and stained. Be sure to bring some dry, warm clothes with you, to change into after you’ve crossed the finish line!!!

I’m not the picture of fitness. Can I still join in?
Of course!!!!!! The event is non-competitive and will not be timed, and you can take your time getting through the course. You can also enlist the help of your friends! We do recommend some light cardio at least a few times per week, along with some body strengthening to help you get up and over the obstacles. Remember, though, you’ll have the option to skip any obstacle that you’re not comfortable attempting.

I am pregnant/have a medical issue, can I still participate?
Always consult your doctor before registering. Only YOU and your Doctor really know what is best for you.

What if I can’t complete a particular obstacle?
The event is non-competitive, so no sweat if you can’t do one of the obstacles, or don’t feel comfortable attempting it. However, we’ve designed all of the obstacles to be challenging, but doable. We’d love you to try to complete each obstacle, but if you feel you can’t then you can go around.

Are there refunds?
No, unfortunately, there are no refunds. However, you may transfer your entry to another person if you have a friend who’d like to take your place. There is a $5 transfer fee that will be deducted from the credit card refund to the original owner of the entry

Can I transfer my entry to someone else? How do I do this?
Yes, you can transfer your entry up to 2 days before the event. Go to and login to your account. Choose the option "Transfer registration to another athlete" and then enter the email address of the person you are transferring it to. Or click on the link in your registration confirmation email that says “transfer to someone else” and it will prompt you to put the email address in for the person you are transferring it to. Once they claim their registration, it will refund your payment (minus the processing fee) and ask the person receiving the transfer to pay the CURRENT price of the registration. There is a $5 transfer fee that will be deducted from the credit card refund to the original owner of the entry