Moody Gardens
One Hope Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77554
The Houston Area’s favorite attraction


April 8th 2017

First wave begins at 8:30am (10 minutes between waves)

Entry Fee

$45   (November 11th through December 4th)
$55   (December 5th through December 29th)
$65   (December 30th through January 29th)
$75   (January 30th through April 1st)
$85   (April 2nd through April 8th)

$600   (Corporate Team Wave and Entry - 5 Women Registrations and an Obstacle Sponsorship)

What you get… A Gritty Goddess custom designed shirt, finisher’s dogtag, complimentary ice cream sundae from Orange Leaf, complimentary cold beer and the great gritty course.

Edit Registration

By editing your registration, you can edit your personal information, transfer to a different wave (if there is space available), and transfer registration to another participant (fee for transfers). There is a $5 transfer fee that will be deducted from the credit card refund to the original owner of the entry.

Choose A Wave

YOU get to choose the wave/time that works for YOU. Each wave is named after a famous goddess, so all you have to do is remember your goddess name and you’ll be able to look up the start time later if you forget. Many Sistahs choose to roll with a team. Many choose to do it solo. Each are welcome in the various waves.

**The minimum age for all waves is now 10 years old, so we have eliminated the mother/daughter waves, as mothers and daughters aged 10 and up can now participate in any wave of their choice.

8:30am COUPLES THERAPY (couples/coed)

8:40am APHRODITE (beauty)

8:50am ARTEMIS (nature)

9:00am ATHENA (wisdom)

9:10am BRIGIT (healing)

9:20am CERES (growth)

9:30am DEMETER (harvest/food)

9:40am EIRENE (peace)

9:50am FLORA (flowers)

10:00am GAIA (mother earth)

10:10am HATHOR (music/dance)

10:20am HERA (marriage)

10:30am IRIS (rainbow)

10:40am JUNO (vital force)

10:50am MINERVA (intellect)

11:00am NIKE (victory)

11:10am PERSEPHONE (rebirth)

11:20am SELENE (moon)

11:30am VENUS (love)
Gritty Course
MUD...SWEAT...CHEERS! On the 5K (3.1 mile) Gritty Course, you'll meander your way through Moody Gardens, Palm Beach, and the mud and muck on the banks of the Offats Bayou, before finishing in front of the cheering masses! Yup, there will be mud. There will be sand. You will get wet. You'll also probably get foamy! Along the way, you'll go over, under, through, into a variety of awesome obstacles, in your quest to join the Sisterhood of the Soil! If there's an obstacle that spooks you, it's ok. You can skip any of 'em that seem too daunting...Do it solo, or grab your Sistahs to join you, and form a team!

Moody Gardens
Looking for island fun? Work or play, this tropical destination is ideal for families and groups alike. At Moody Gardens®, you can experience life at the Rainforest Pyramid® – now open after $25 million in enhancements – featuring an assortment of exotic and endangered plants and animals from the rainforests of the world. Explore the Aquarium Pyramid® where you can meet a real penguin in our Penguin Encounter.
Then, tour traveling exhibits at the Discovery Museum and immerse yourself at the MG3D, 4D and Ridefilm theaters. Enjoy beautiful Galveston Bay on the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat and a little summer fun on the new lazy river at beautiful Palm Beach. Finally, take a swing at the Moody Gardens Golf Course and escape to the four-diamond Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa & Convention Center. Roll out of bed on Gritty Goddess morning, and be 50 yards from the start! Visit www.moodygardens.com for more details or call call 888-388-8484 to get the group rate for this event.
It’s time to play dress-up! Participate in a unique and slightly zany get-up (keep in mind that you do have to MOVE in it) – we are looking for the most eye-catching and creative costumes out on the course. CHECK OUT THE WINNERS OF THE COSTUME CONTEST
Wanna poster of the Gritty Goddess to keep you motivated or to inspire your fellow sistahs to join you? Print out your poster here! Choose either 8"X11" or 11"X17" sizes.


Yup, we'll have a Gritty Waterpark set up for you to wash away the grit and grime after you cross the finish line! Additionally, there will be a changing tent for you to change into dry, clean clothes.
Gritty Goddess and THE LOCKER HOUSE have partnered to insure your valuables are secure! They ringing new, cool, safe & secure individual storage lockers to our Event!!! A High-Value, Low-Cost Option to the Status Quo, THE LOCKER HOUSE guarantees your personal items stay safe while you race, work, party, drink or even dance in the rain. Located in the West Lot before the registration tent.
We have reserved the FIRST wave of the day, for you, our couples - and that includes ALL couples, of any kind - everyone is welcome. You've heard the saying: "couples who get muddy together stay together". Okay, well maybe that's not quite how the saying goes, but there's nothing like a little muddy, foamy fun to boost your relationship! After all, it takes cooperation and teamwork to traverse three miles of obstacles together. Along the way there will be laughter, butt-slapping, and high-fiveing; perhaps some rolling in the mud too; after all, it takes TWO to tango! So join us for the couples therapy wave at 8:30 am - it's good, not so clean, therapy.

Are you in college? We understand funds are tight, but we want you to be able to join us. We’re offering discounted entry fees for all of you committed to higher education. Grab your classmates or Sorority Sisters and form a team! Discount is for students aged 18-22 enrolled in undergraduate studies at a 2 or 4-year college. Please e-mail info@grittygoddess.com for the discount code, and let us know which college/university you attend. (Discount is for full-time students aged 18-22.)
17 and under? We understand funds are tight, but we want you to be able to join us. We’re offering discounted entry fees for all of you committed to your education. Grab your classmates and form a team! We offer an already discounted YOUTH entry for full-time students for $20 off the regular entry fee. Just choose the "Youth 10-17" entry under your desired start wave time!
It's Texas, right? Tailgating is a tradition! Need a spot for your team to hang out? We'll have a designated Team Tailgating area all along the starting area. Bring a tent, bring your enthusiasm, bring your Soil Sistahs...


You've completed the course, you are officially a GRITTY GODDESS! Now, it's time to reeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaxxxxxx with your fellow Sistahs! Join us at the Gritty Garten, presented by Del Papa. Listen to the live music, grab a complimentary ice cold beer (or two) from the Gritty Garten and soak it all in! The taps and good times will be a-flowin'! Listen to the live music, grab a complimentary ice cold beer (or two) from the Gritty Garten and soak it all in! The taps and good times will be a-flowin'! Listen to the live music, grab a complimentary ice cold Michelob Ultra Draft (or two) from the Gritty Garten and soak it all in! The taps and good times will be a-flowin'!
What's better than crossing the Gritty Goddess finish line? CELEBRATING! YES, there will be complimentary ICE CREAM SUNDAES, at the finish line! Stop on by, grab your creamy, tasty ice cream, and load it up with all of the fixin's for a great post-Gritty treat!!!!!
Looking for the perfect, unique gift for a female friend or family member? Give them the Gritty Gift! What better way to make them feel special than to make them a goddess for a day? Contact info@grittygoddess.com for more info about gifting the entry fee.
All for one, and one for all. No woman left behind! Check out the creed, and the words to live by HERE.
Cheering you on will be a blast! Make sure you have your Sherpa Team create a sign in your honor, and grab a cowbell to inspire you!

We already know that you're Super...Your full-blown transformation to a Gritty Goddess will occur once you complete the course, but here's a chance to begin the process! Send us your pic (in JPG format) to info@grittygoddess.com and we'll TRANSFORM YOU INTO A SUPER GODDESS, as you see in the pic to your left! Be sure to include a quick note on where you want the finished pic emailed to, and we'll email you out a copy for you to keep. Perfect for your Facebook thumbnail or in a frame up on your mantle :)

Let everyone know
If you want, we will post your pic on our


Make a weekend of it, and check out all that Moody Gardens has to offer! Deeply discounted Moody Gardens passes are being offered to our Gritty Goddesses and their families. Book your passes by logging on to:
Moody Gardens - Official Site
  • Click on Buy Tickets
  • Select One Day Pass- BUY NOW
  • Enter quantity of tickets needed- add to cart
  • On the Shopping Cart page - there is a box for you to enter your promotional code. GRTTG2015 (It is not case sensitive)
  • Check out
The more the merrier! Form a team, name your team, send us your team picture! Teams can have 2 Goddesses, or they can have 200….it’s however you wanna do it. When you register, be sure to put your team name on the entry, and BE SURE to have all of your teammates register for the SAME GODDESS WAVE. You’ll all want to start at the same time!
Each team member registers individually. The first team member to register will "Create A Team" and enter the team name, then the rest of your team will "Join A Team" during their individual registrations.

We ask that you show up a minimum of 1hr before your respective wave starts to pick up your race day packet. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to park and get to the registration area! In order to retrieve your packet, you’ll need a to bring a photo ID. Your packet will include your race bib with safety pins, and your goodies. Your race bib should be secured to the front of your shirt using the provided safety pins.

Moody Gardens has ample parking in their lots and the surrounding areas. Please leave yourself extra time to walk from the parking areas to the registration area and Gritty Goddess site. The site is located at One Hope Boulevard, Galveston, TX.
Wear what you’re comfortable in! You’re gonna get muddy, wet, foamy, colorful and more. We don’t recommend wearing your Marchesa Dress or your Jimmy Choo shoes…or your $200 fitness outfit with $150 running shoes. Other than that, it’s up to you. Be prepared for the elements. It could be hot, it could be cold. It could be sunny, it could be rainy. Wear something comfortable, but remember that your clothing and shoes could get pretty banged up and stained. Be sure to bring some dry, warm clothes with you, to change into after you’ve crossed the finish line!!! We also recommend bringing extra towels, dry shoes, and a garbage bag to put your dirty stuff in. Remember, we’re in GALVESTON. Remember to wear waterproof sunscreen!
Good footwear.

Leave your nice running shoes at home. We recommend a lightly used trail shoe with decent tread to get you through the course. We’ll be collecting unwanted racer shoes after the race and recycling them.
Change of clothes/towel.

When you cross the finish line, you’ll be pretty gritty….We’ll have fountains to wash yourself off and tidy up, as well as changing areas for you. Be sure to bring a change of clothes, shoes and a towel with you. You can leave ‘em in your car, or bring ‘em with you and drop ‘em off at bag check. We will also have a bag check, so you can leave your change of clothes/towel with us during the race and retrieve after. If you wanna use bag check, be sure to bring a bag labeled with your bib number and your name!
You did it! Now REALLY treat yourself! Only a few footsteps from the finish line is the Moody Gardens Spa! Inspire happiness with The Spa At Moody Gardens. Whether you are choosing a spa package as a gift for a friend or taking a little time for yourself: the Spa has a soothing offering just for you Allow our genuinely caring staff to liven your senses, restore your body, and ease your mind to harmony with sumptuous tropical fragrances and ocean elixirs. These lush potions weave a sublime journey of the senses to be remembered. Amidst a magical place of pyramids and botanical beauty an elegantly appointed spa awaits you.
Call 409-683-4440 to schedule your Gritty Goddess Spa Treatment. Be sure to mention that you are participating in the Gritty Goddess, as these packages are discounted for you! Gift cards are available. Please provide 24 hour cancellation notice to avoid charges for service not rendered. Check it out at www.moodygardenshotel.com/the_spa_at_moody_gardens/
Walk out of your room, and be just a few steps from the start line! Moody Gardens Hotel is where it's at! 428 luxurious guest rooms and over 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting and convention space, this world class Galveston hotel and conference facility is set among 242 acres of botanical beauty and accented by magnificent pyramids that contain a living rainforest, a Texas-sized aquarium and a Giant Screen 3-D Theatre. Minimum age to check into hotel is 21 years old. For more information, go to www.moodygardenshotel.com or call call 888-388-8484 to get the group rate for this event.. There are a limited number of discounted rate rooms reserved for Gritty Goddess participants, and they will fill fast. Be sure to contact Moody Gardens asap to book your room. Be sure to mention that you are participating in the Gritty Goddess to receive the discounted room rate.
GRITTY GODDESS ° info@grittygoddess.com