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and re-live Gritty Goddess!

Each team member registers individually. The first team member to register will "Create A Team" and enter the team name, then the rest of your team will "Join A Team" during their individual registrations.

It's Texas, right? Tailgating is a tradition! Need a spot for your team to hang out? We'll have a designated Team Tailgating area all along the starting area. Bring a tent, bring your enthusiasm, bring your Soil Sistahs...

Team Photos from The November 3, 2012 Gritty Goddess

Team Photos from The May 4, 2013 Gritty Goddess

Team Photos from The September 28, 2013 Gritty Goddess

Team Photos from the April 14, 2014 Gritty Goddess

The more the merrier! Form a team, name your team, send us your team picture! Teams can have 2 Goddesses, or they can have 200….it’s however you wanna do it. There are no limits on the number of teammates. When you register, be sure to put your team name on the entry, and BE SURE to have all of your teammates register for the SAME GODDESS WAVE. You’ll all want to start at the same time! Dress up, create a uniform, and play in the mud TOGETHER!

Send us your team picture, name and motto, and we’ll post it here on the NATION page in the GRITTY YEARBOOK. Send it all to We’ll see who is voted Most Likely To Succeed!

Don't forget to learn and live the GRITTY CREED, HERE. No woman left behind!